Doug Caskey●Executive Director● Colorado Wine Industry Development Board
~CWIDB Update
~CWIDB Marketing Overview
[email protected]

Dr. Horst Caspari ● Professor and State Viticulturist ● Colorado State University
[email protected]
~Grape Survey Results
~Viticulture Research Update
~Viticulture 101: Canopy Management

Tim Donahue  ● Winemaker, College Cellars
[email protected]
~Oxygen Management

Denise M. Gardner ● Winemaking Consultant ● Denise Gardner Winemaking, LLC
[email protected]
~Practical Solutions for Improved Winery Sanitation
~Sparkling Wine Defined: The Chemistry of a Base Wine and Product Differentiation
~Breaking Down Hard Cider Production Nuances

Sandra Hess ● DTC Sales Strategy ● Wine E-Commerce & Social CRM
[email protected] 
~Tasting Room Management Best Practices

Paul Hobbs ● Owner/Winemaker ● Paul Hobbs Winery ● Cross Barn Winery
~Cultivar Camp: Master Class on Malbec

Michael Jones ● Fermentation Specialist ● Scott Laboratories
~Healthy Fermentations: Avoiding Stuck and Sluggish Fermentation

Dr. Steve Menke ● Assoc. Professor of Enology and State Enologist ● Colorado State University
[email protected] 
~Named Variety Wines and Blended Wines 
~Sensory Analysis by Attributes and Flaws

Jim Traister ● CEO ● HospitalityFan
[email protected] 
~Foundational Social Media Seminar
~Social Media Advanced Topics
~Social Media Advanced Topics pt 2
~Three Tactics to Beat Your Competition on Facebook and Twitter

Mike Veseth ● Author and Editor ● Wine Economist Blog
[email protected] 
~Around the World in Eighty Wines
~Secrets of the World’s Most Respected Wine Regions
~The Future of Small Wineries

Fritz Westover ● Owner ● Westover Vineyard Advising
[email protected] 
~Assessing and Balancing Vine Nutrition
~Grapevine Pruning Techniques: Best Practices & Common Mistakes
~Soil Moisture Monitoring: An Essential Tool for Irrigation Management


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