Doug Caskey●Executive Director● Colorado Wine Industry Development Board
CWIDB Update
[email protected]

Tim Donahue  ● Winemaker, College Cellars
[email protected]
A Vertical Tasting of Walla Walla Cabernet Franc

James D Hamilton, Rich Englehart and Jackie Young● Home Loan Insurance
~Cyber Risk and Insuring Wineries and Vineyards

Steve Hammersmith ● SHuR FARMS
[email protected]
~Cold Air Accumulation and the Growers Guide to Frost Protection
  Analysis and Evaluation
  Managing Cold Air Accumulation
  Physics of Frost in Midwest Farm Magazine 

Michael Jones ● Fermentation Specialist ● Scott Labs
[email protected] 
~Finishing the Wine      Formulas and Conversions

Jeff McCord PhD. ● Stavin
[email protected]
~Oak and Barrel Alternatives: Art and Science 
~Use of Micro-Oxygenation as a Tool in Wine Maturation

Steve Menke PhD. ● Colorado State University
~ Cabernet Franc Tasting  
~ Demonstration of Blending Techniques for Wines from New and Old Cultivars 
                   Presentation                                  Handout
~ Why Quality Matters At Every Step from Your Grapes to The Bottle and Beyond 
                    Presentation                                 Handout

Paul Wagner●Balzac Marketing and Communications
[email protected]
~15 Mistakes Wineries Make  
~A Perfect Marketing Plan for Small Wineries 
~PR and Why You Need It 


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