Bruce Bordelon – Purdue University
Interspecific Hybid Wine Grape Varieties

Barb Bowman – Grand Junction Visitor & Convention Bureau
Colorado Wine Country – Back to the Future

Gordon Burns – ETS
From Grape to Bottle: Avoiding Haloanisole Taint

Doug Caskey – Colorado Wine Industry Development Board
The New Look of Colorado Wine    Cultivator Presentation
Comparative Tasting

Dr. Horst Caspari – Professor and State Viticulturist at Colorado State
2014 Survey Results& Cold Hardiness/Research Project Update

Dr. Richard DeScenzo – ETS
The Missing Link

Tim Donahue – Walla Walla Community College
Practical Red Wine Production

Nick Frey – Balletto Vineyards
Marketing Your Vineyard

Aaron Hoffman-Downtown Grand Junction
Engaging Customers with Social Media

Brent Johnson – Vin65
5 Ways to Sell More Wine Online
Sell More Wine in Your Tasting Room

Anne Kearney – CSU
Successful Marketing to Reach Your Customers

Dr. Steve Menke – Colorado State University
Colorado Wine on the Cusp

Mistalynn Meyeraan – Grand Junction Visitor and Convention Bureau
Engaging Customers with Social Media

Courtney Perez – Alcohol & Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau
TTB and the Wine Industry 

John Recca – BrandWerks Group
Brands That Work: Differentiate and communicate your brand effectively to expand your market opportunities!
Successful Marketing to Reach Your Customers

Dr. Paolo Sabbatini – Michigan State University
Growing Super-Hardy Cultivar in Michigan; Impact of Vineyard Management on Fruit Quality

Kaibab Sauvage – Colorado Vineyard Specialists
Ntutrient Management for New/Replant Orchards & Vineyards

Dave Tewksbury – Tewksbury & Co.
Selling Yourself to a Distributor


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