John Addison ▪ International Marketing Specialists ▪ CDA
-Exporting Outside the U.S.
United States Exports Via Colorado presentation

Cindy Axelson ▪ Andy’s Liquor Mart
Retailer Panel

Gordon Burns ▪ Founder of ETS
-Juice Chemistry Panel
(707) 302-1211

Doug Caskey ▪ Executive Director ▪ CWIDB
-Comparative Wine Tasting
-Sustaining the Colorado Wine Industry

Dr. Horst Caspari ▪ Professor and State Viticulturist
-Alternate Vine Training & Pruning
-2012 Grape Survey Results
(970)434-3262 ext 204

Taylor Courey ▪ CWIDB ▪ Coaltrain Wine and Liquor
Retailer Panel
(719) 475-9700

Dr. Joan Davenport ▪ Professor/Soil Scientist ▪ WSU Irrigated Ag Research and
Extension Center
-Soil & Plant Nutrient Status: Testing & Management Strategies for Vineyards
(509) 781-0246
Soil and Plant Nutrient Status presentation

Dr. Richard DeScenzo ▪ Microbiology Group Leader for ETS
-Heat & Cold Stability in Wine/General Microbiology in Wine
(707) 963-4806

Patrick Dobbins ▪ Kelvin Cooperage
-Barrel Repairs & Maintenance and Oxidation
(970) 403-7314

Kelly Favale ▪ Enzo’s Pizzeria and Italian Café
Retailer Panel
(970) 255-8500

Mark Gallegos ▪ Program Administrator ▪ CO Dept. of Agriculture
-PACA & Farm Products Dealers License Program
2013 WCHS & VinCO Conference – Farm Products Presentation

Karen Hoskin ▪ Co-Owner and President ▪ Montanya Distillers
-Kings & Queens of the Colorado Craft Brewing and Spirits Industry

Janet Johnson ▪ CWIDB ▪ Southern Wine and Spirits
Panel Moderator, Retailer Panel
(970) 260-8260

Pat Kennedy ▪ Talon Wine Brands
Retailer Panel
(970) 464-9288

Steve Kurowski ▪ Marketing & Communications ▪ Colorado Brewers Guild
-Kings & Queens of the Colorado Craft Brewing and Spirits Industry

Patrick Maroney ▪ Liquor Enforcement Expert ▪ CO Dept. of Revenue
-Liquor Enforcement Compliance
(303) 205-2934

Dr. Steve Menke ▪ Associate Professor of Enology and State Enologist
-Sustaining the Colorado Wine Industry
-The Importance of the Quality Assurance Movement
(217) 721-4307

Linda Murphy ▪ California-based wine/food/travel writer
Media Savvy

Zorba Proteau ▪ Head Brewer ▪ Rockslide Brewery
-Beer Tasting Happy Hour

Richard Rodd ▪ Financial Consultant ▪ Larimer Capital Corp.
-Business Succession, Retirement & Estate Planning for the Family Ag Business

John Scott ▪ Pesticides Program Mgr. ▪ CO Dept. of Agriculture
-DriftWatch Sensitive Crop Registry
(303) 239-4179

Michael Wangbickler ▪ Marketing Expert ▪ Balzac Communications
-Why Your label Isn’t As Effective As You Think
(707) 255-7667
VinCo Tasting Room Presentation
VinCo Label presentation

Winery/Growers Panelist ▪ Kathay Rennels, facilitator; Bruce Talbott, Talbott Farms; Jackie Thompson, Boulder Creek Winery; John Garlich, BookCliff Vineyards


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