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Hands-on workshop for homeowners or new vineyard owners focusing on pruning basics and backyard grape growing.

Dealing with grapevines is fun and rewarding but pruning can be a anxiety-inducing and frustrating. Join Charlotte Oliver for a hands-on workshop to learn what you need to do to get comfortable with pruning. Charlotte will provide information on trellising, and why we prune as well as individual coaching in the vineyard to help you become more comfortable working with grapes.

This workshop will be provided in two parts:

  • March 14 (Thursday) 6:00 PM MT – 1 hour session held virtually via Zoom to explain vine parts, growing habits, trellising basics, and pruning theory. Session is recorded and will be provided to attendees.
  • March 16 (Saturday) 10:00 AM MT – In-vineyard session at a TBD West Elks vineyard for hands-on training for pruning and bud health assessments.

Preregistration is required. Registration closes Monday, March 11th at 5:00PM MT.

Registration will be limited to 35 people to allow space for participants to work in the vineyard.

Cost: $25, covers pruners, safety blade for checking buds, and workshop handouts.

The email provided to Eventbrite will be the email we will be sending all workshop communications to. Be sure to use an email that is checked regularly.


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