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Join seven Grand Valley wineries for Barrel into Spring from on April 19th & 20th!
Enjoy a self-guided tour at seven wineries across the Grand Valley with food & wine samples and discounts on wine and other products. Attendees will pick up their tasting glass, Passport, and wristband at their preassigned starting winery. Those that have their Passports stamped at all seven locations before the weekend is over will be entered into a drawing for a free case of Colorado wine!
Participating Wineries:
🍷Avant Vineyards
🍷Carlson Vineyards
🍷Colorado Vintners & Cliff Dweller Wine Co
🍷The Peachfork
🍷Two Rivers Winery
🍷Varaison Vineyards and Winery
🍷Whitewater Hill Vineyards ft. LaNoue DuBois Winery

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