Longing for a change of scenery? Plan a trip to visit one of Colorado’s three wine regions – the Front Range, the Grand Valley and the West Elks.  The perfect setting for a fun girls’ weekend, romantic getaway, or relaxing experience.

Staycation in the Front Range

Visit 62 unique Colorado wineries and cideries without traveling to the mountains. Front Range locations include Boulder, Denver and Fort Collins.

grand valley colorado winery tours

Explore The Grand Valley

Known as Colorado’s Wine Country, this unique region is home to two-thirds of Colorado vineyard acreage and more than one-quarter of Colorado wineries.

grand valley colorado winery tours

Sample the Views in the West Elks

Located on the Western Slope of Colorado, this region has some of the highest vineyards in North America, with grapes growing at 5,682 feet. Most wineries in this region are open from late May through October.

colorado wineries in the west elks region