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CAVE Board of Directors Meeting

Join the CAVE Board of Directors Meeting via Zoom from 9:00am-11:00am the second Tuesday of the month at the link below! Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 810 6909 3725

Western Slope Plant Disease and Pest Updates

CSU - Western Colorado Research Center 3168 B 1/2 Rd, Grand Junction, CO

Plant disease and insect pests are a constant frustration in agriculture. Their control is an ever moving target and new problems pop up more often than we would like. Luckily, agricultural research is working hard to keep up! Come join our CSU faculty for updates on research on containing Cytospora canker, what are grape viruses, [...]

Wine Sensory Analysis Workshop

Whitewater Hill Vineyards 220 32 Road, Grand Junction, CO

Indulge your senses and deepen your appreciation for wine during our Wine Sensory Analysis Workshop! Whether you're a novice or a seasoned expert, this workshop is designed to enhance your wine enjoyment and knowledge. Join us as we guide you through the fascinating process of wine tasting, from start to finish. We'll embark on a [...]


Sensory Perception of Wine – Webinar


Host: Aude Watrelot Agenda During this webinar, you will hear from Dr. Miguel Pedroza from CalPoly, CA, who will explain the importance of sensory evaluation of wine and the human sensory responses to wine quality. This will be followed by Dr. Maria Pilar Sáenz Navajas from Instituto de Ciencias de la Vid y del Vino, Spain, [...]

Automated Weeder Demo – Grand Valley Research Center

CSU Grand Valley Research Center, 1910 L Rd, Fruita, Colorado 81521 1910 L Rd, Fruita, CO, United States

From the plow to combine, from vacuum seeders to GPS and autosteer tractors, ag tech has always been integral to crop production. Following on the heels of precision agriculture, many are dubbing the use of automated weeders in specialty crops the “next agricultural revolution”. Recent labor recruitment, retention and affordability issues are driving widespread adoption [...]


Wine Microbiology for Acidity Management – Webinar


Host: Aude Watrelot Agenda During this webinar, you will hear from Richard Descenzo from ETS lab about the importance of wine microbiology and yeasts and bacteria that are used in the industry for acidity management. This will be followed by XXX. After those presentations, we will be joined by a panel of winemakers for discussion and [...]

AgriWest Council Discussion

Mesa County Fairgrounds 2785 US-50, Grand Junction, CO

Please join us for an AgriWest Council Discussion on Thursday, June 27th from 5:30-8:30 pm at the Mesa County Fairgrounds in the Community Building. Brisket Dinner by the Ribber provided. RSVP required.

Amateur Winemaker Workshop

CMU Tech 2508 Blichmann Avenue Bldg B, Grand Junction, CO, United States

The Amateur Winemaker Workshop is a comprehensive, two-day event designed for aspiring and experienced home winemakers. This workshop provides participants with an in-depth understanding of various winemaking processes, techniques, and troubleshooting methods, along with opportunities for hands-on learning and networking with industry professionals. CAVE member registration is $75 and includes access to both days of the workshop, happy hour, wine tasting and lunch! Non-member registration is $100. 

Alternative Products: Verjus and Vinegar – Webinar


Host: Aude Watrelot Agenda During this webinar, you will hear from Dr. Andreea Botezatu, who will present some of her research on Verjus. This will be followed by Chad Stollenberg from Locus Lane Vineyards, ON who will discuss his production of vinegar and verjus. Register Here