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Plant disease and insect pests are a constant frustration in agriculture. Their control is an ever moving target and new problems pop up more often than we would like. Luckily, agricultural research is working hard to keep up!

Come join our CSU faculty for updates on research on containing Cytospora canker in peaches, powdery mildew control in grapes, and the status of Japanese Beetles in Mesa county.

Registration is free but is required and closes Wednesday, May 10th at 8AM.


Held in-person at the CSU Western Campus, 3170 B1/2 Rd. Grand Junction, CO 81503

The event will be from 10:30 AM – 3:30 PM Mountain Time.

The email provided to Eventbrite will be the email we will be sending all workshop communications to. Be sure to use an email that is checked regularly.


10:15 AM Registration / Check-in

10:30 AM Updates begin – More information to be provided soon

3:30 PM Adjourn


Dr. Jane Stewart is a Professor at Colorado State University in the Dept. of Agricultural Biology. Her research interests include: understanding the biology, ecology and genetics of emerging tree/ plant pathogenic fungi using population genetics and genomic methods, studying the interactions of plant and fungi that govern variation in host specialization, pathogenicity, and virulence, and understanding genomic drivers of fungal species delimitation and divergence with a focus on pathogens important to Colorado’s forests, shade and fruit trees, and forests worldwide.

Dr. Dana Hoag is a Professor in Agricultural and Resource Economics at Colorado State University. He specializes on economic solutions to production issues, especially where there are conflicts off the farm (water, wildlife, disease, soils). He is very active in research and education, and has engaged with a wide variety of producer audiences throughout his career.

Dr. Melissa Schreiner is the state entomologist for Colorado State University Extension, focusing in the Tri-River Area (TRA) of Colorado. Her program helps to solve agricultural, urban, public health, and natural resource issues relating to pest management and entomology in Western Colorado. Mel also runs several diverse programs that support community members, master gardeners, producers, extension agents, pest management professionals, with the provision of insect/plant damage diagnostics and insect education.

Dr. Charlotte Oliver is

Dr. Charlotte Oliver is the regional viticulture extension specialist for Colorado State University Extension. Her primary role is interacting with the Colorado grape industry and providing timely educational resources for commercial and backyard grape growers. Her current program goal is to fill in the educational gaps between the active CSU research programs and the Colorado industry and hopefully start understanding the grape viruses across the state.

Contact Information

For more information on the workshop please contact: Dr. Charlotte Oliver ([email protected]) or Dr. Jane Stewart ([email protected])

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