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At the end of the workshop day, participants will have a greater understanding of DEI as it relates to their businesses, have an opportunity to consider clarity and commitment when it comes to their marketing and story-telling around DEI in a way that’s authentic to them, and establish a two to three step roadmap for next steps.

The Use Case for Diversity-Driven Businesse(45 min Session): Unlock the strategic advantages of diversity in business by exploring tangible use cases and practical applications in the food and beverage industry.

*15 min break*

ACTion Plan (45 min session + activity): “Easier said than done” didn’t become an adage without reason. Using the ACT framework, we’ll explore how we can go from words to actions in order to create meaningful change in our personal and professional lives and to build an equitable wine industry. Regardless of where you find yourself on the journey of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, there is a path forward and all you have to do is walk it.

*Lunch Break*

Learning from Existing Brands and Initiatives (20 min session): In this lightning session, participants will be encouraged to get outside the box with this exploration of insights and lessons from established brands and initiatives outside of the industry to distill best practices and apply innovative strategies for success in their own businesses.

*5 min break/transition*

Assessing Internal + External Culture (30 min Activity): In this facilitated exercise, participants will evaluate how their internal business values align with external perceptions, fostering a deeper understanding of potential areas for improvement or alignment within the broader business context.

*5 min break/transition*

Roadmapping/Next Steps (20 min activity): This conclusive activity provides participants the chance to implement the ACT framework for 2-3 DEI and/or messaging goals that they have. Participants will also establish an accountability partner within the group.

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