26 Mar 2018

Criveller Wine Press

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Criveller has both open and closed presses in stock which include 10″ color touchscreen panel. 

Touchscreen Characteristics

  • 10″ Touchscreen Panel
  • Two digital programming screens. One for loading and one for press working cycles.
  • Fully customizable programs with possibility of adding up to 90 different programs with 30 steps in each program.
  • Total press time estimator, provides the user an approximate time required for a given program and a timer of how much time has transpired during a pressing cycle.
  • USB port for software updates 
  • Ability to download pressing programs via the USB port and modify the programs in excel.
  • Press panel provides a variety of loading programs which are fully customizable:
    • Standard press comes with 2 loading programs. Both programs include press loading with or without cylinder rotation.
    • The plus models on the PPC (closed) series also has Maceration programming with or without cylinder rotation
  • Automatic cycles are now completely customizable with the following:
    • Number of rotations before press cycle starts which is used to level your product inside the cylinder and removes the free run juice prior to pressing
    • Fast mode is available on demand, meaning if the press is not juicing at any step of the program (pressure drops below the point set by user), the press will automatically advance to the next step in the program. This will eliminate wasted time on big pressing days.

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