Published: December 8, 2022 (2 months ago)

Enoitalia 15 electric crusher destemmer (2018), stainless steel.  Well maintained, gently used.  $1,000

Eight (8) 80-gallon Flextanks, excellent condition.  $300 ea.

Five (5) 50-gallon Flextanks, excellent condition.  $400 ea.

Five (5) half-ton macrobins, $200 ea.

Miscellaneous items – Enoitalia Euro 20 wine pump, Vinmetrica wine analysis chemistry set, Brix refractometer and hydrometer, crush & punchdown tools, floor corker, 90-bottle rinse tree, oak wine stix, Momentum Development manual label applicator, misc. hoses and fittings,

Location: Paonia, CO

Contact Mike at or 804-363-0114