by Patric Matysiewski
Published: December 27, 2020 (2 months ago)

Premium Grand Valley Bulk Wine for Sale!

All grapes are grown by Kaibab Sauvage at Colorado Vineyard Specialists and fermented at Sauvage Spectrum winery.

The wine is being stored in mostly neutral 60 gal oak barrels.

2020 Marquette – Grand Valley

A unique lower alcohol light red wine / dark rosé. Marquette is a  teinturier, cold hearty varietal developed by the University of Minnesota, and a distant relative of Pinot Noir. Vibrant deep coral-purple color. Tastings and aroma notes for this dry barrel fermented wine include lingonberry, mulberry, & plum.

2018 Mourvèdre – Grand Valley

A full bodied red wine showing meaty aromas with savory olive overtones. Black pepper, cassis, and violets dominate the palate. The hefty tannin profile is fully integrated into the powerful yet approachable wine.

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