Published: August 26, 2021 (4 weeks ago)

“I have one concord grape vine that is about ready to be harvested.  It has produced lots of delicious grapes over several years.  I made grape jam out of some, more than enough for myself and all the members of my church choir.  I was hoping to find a winemaker that would like to have them for just the price of a bottle of wine for me.  I was lucky enough to meet Mrs Maurer, the lady who owned the Greystone Winery.  I took her the whole crop and she was able to produce a full carboy of wine.  Unfortunately, there was a fire at her winery and most of it was destroyed, but she had already put aside 4 bottles for me.   I absolutely love it and am saving the last bottle, hoping to find someone else to make me some more.”

Please contact if interested.