Anemoi Wines

The Anemoi were the mythological Greek Gods of wind, named for the cardinal direction from which their winds came. The primary gods or Cardinal Winds were Boreas (North), Eurus (East), Notus (South) and Zephyrus (West). Numerous minor deities represented everything from Southeast to North-North West.

Thousands of years later as grape growers in the Grand Valley, we pay homage to these very winds, whether they come from the west baked by the desert and sand or from the east flowing atop the Colorado River through Debeque Canyon, which provide our hot days and cool nights both of which provide better ripening and a more complex wine.

The Anemoi are still very much alive and play a key role in the creation of our wines. Like the personalities of the winds, each wine possesses distinctive characteristics produced by the winds and ever-changing weather. Each Anemoi wine is named for the god that best represents its individuality and reflects its growing season.

Tasting Room- Open Daily, 10am-5pm

Tasting: Four complimentary tastings, $1 for each additional

Anemoi Wines, 3907 N. River Road, Palisade, Co., 970-464-0888

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